Ice Skating Course + English in Jaca - Stage 8th Edition

In view of the high degree of satisfaction of the first seven editions of the "Ice Skating + English Stage", we present the
8th Edition in the "Ice Pavilion Jaca" and directed to participants from Spain, Ireland, Holland, Germany, France and other countries.
It is the only Pavilion in Spain that has two ice rinks; The Olympic rink (60x30 m) and a ludic rink 50x20 m. With a fixed capacity of 1,900 seats. This year, the Stage will be held in the ludic rink as the Olympic will remain closed during the summer.

The Skating Program is developed in English (mornings) and in the afternoon they participate in activities and workshops in English (2 hours a day from Monday to Friday) with native teachers. And at the end, the program begins with the Spanish Monitors who live day by day with the participants of this and other Programmes. 


If you want to progress in the practice of ice skating learn a lot of English, meet new friends, enjoy a different environment and spend a happy summer, do not hesitate ... next July  ... Stage and English Skating in Jaca with Icontur

Technical Direction of the Stage and Coach


Susan Elizabeth Mason


Recognized for her great professionalism, Susan Mason has a trajectory of more than 30 years teaching skating at all levels. She is well known trainer recognized for her good work with children and for her great technical and choreographic capacity. Native English, also speaks Castilian, French and German.


Trainer in the Ice Rink of San Sebastián, in Jaca for many years, Den Haag and now coaches in Asterdam. 


World Professional Champion, British Champion and member of the Olympic Team.
Skater at Queens Ice Rink.


  • Podium in England, Junior and Senior category in International Championship.
  • Belonged to the English Olympic Team.
  • Pairs and dance skaters worldwide with Top Coach.
  • In 1976, third place in the Professional World Championship.
  • In 1978, Champion of the Professional World, representing Spain.
  • In 1979, Sub-champion of the Professional World.
  • Gold medal in figures and free.
  • Silver Medal in Dance.
  • Title "National Skating Association", accredited by the British Teachers Association, with various tests in the individual English school (free and figures) as in dance, with knowledge in Ballet and gymnastics as a complement to the preparation of skating.
  • Scholarship by IPSA (Ice Proffesional Skating Association) for the development of skating.
  • Certificates in Ballet, Gymnastics, Acrobatics and Training OFF ICE.
  • Title in the FEDH (Federación Española de Deportes de Hielo).

Second Coach


Naya Zamborain Mason


Naya Zamborain, has been for many years collaborator of the Aragon Ice Club Jaca, apart from second coach in the Stage of Icontur for 8 years.


She has been part of the school of skaters of Tatiana Tarasova and Alex Verkovitch, being for it one of the 20 chosen in Europe, and has competed at international and national level obtaining excellent results.

She has participated in stages of Alexei Mishin as a skater and trainer.


Has several tests of NISA and FEDH.


Currently, when her availability allows, she participates coaching skaters from several countries in Stages in different countries.


She is outstanding for her high choreographic.

Development of the Program



The Skating activity is developed in English and is directed to two groups of skaters according to level


  • Beginner level; For those who want to learn basic skating skills.


  • Intermediate and advanced level; Skaters who perform individual jumps, axel, start of doubles, all doubles, double axes and triples.

The level is assessed at the beginning of the stage, both skating and physical, during and at the end of the course, in order to evaluate the progression and skill that participants have had in both the technical level of skating and improvement Of physical preparation


The Ice activity will be accompanied by physical preparation for all groups (with the collaboration of the trainerand iballet teacher).




Ice skating classes aimed at first steps, improvement and improvement with a high level of technical and practical teaching based on methods that combine several schools and adapting the technique to each student.


Naturally there are intervals, moments for physical exercises, Off Ice, ballet and the corresponding breaks.

Groups and schedules are organized according to the number of participants and levels of those enrolled in each group




English with Native Teachers:


2 hours of interactive workshops and varied activities in English to continue learning and practicing the language; Cooking workshops, games, conversation, sports activities, etc.


At the end of the activities in English and until dinner time.

Plan of Activities with the Spanish Monitors (graduates and experts in sports, social, recreational and educational activities).


After dinner, activities continue.

Activity Plan

At the Icontur Programmes in Jaca it is impossible to get bored, the boys and girls are always busy and accompanied by their English Teacher, Coach or their Monitor.


Apart from working studying and practicing English or training in different sports programmes, in Jaca there are many moments for leisure and fun.


In Jaca there are no distances, the journeys are usually walking. This facilitates the realization of multiple activities both in the campus of the College / Residence and in the City itself.


The English and Skating Stage is complete with activities (all included in the course fee) such as:


  • Ice skating as a ludic activity (public session).
  • Pool
  • Hiking
  • Full day excursions
  • Dinners in the Citadel
  • Special sessions of English cinema organized by Icontur at the Congress Hall in Jaca
  • End of fortnight celebrations
  • Workshops
  • Multi-sport
  • Seven Soccer Tournaments
  • Gymkanas
  • Night activities
  • Nightclub, etc ...

From Monday to Sunday, evenings-evenings (Monday to Friday) and full day at weekends, always accompanied by the team of Monitors and English Teachers who also participate in several activities.

Study Center and Accommodation (Residence)




It is a building adjacent to the Residence, equipped with ample, bright and numerous classrooms that we will use to carry out some of the workshops and activities in English.


Both the College and Residence are very close to the ice rink, municipal swimming pool, soccer field and tennis and paddle club.




It is spacious, sunny and quiet, surrounded by trees and green areas.


With magnificent facilities: lounges, kitchen, dining room, chapel, multipurpose hall, sports courts, separate bedrooms, spacious classrooms and school expansion areas.


Large rooms and distributed in modules of 6 seats maximum (3 bunk beds) with toilet, washbasins and shower in each room and with their corresponding cabinets.

Full board; 4 Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Snack and Dinner. Prepared directly in the Kitchen of the Residence, taking into account the current regulations regarding "menus" for these ages and menus adapted to allergies or intolerances if necessary.




Modalities and amounts of the Program



 Julio 2017

1 week

Del 2 al 9

Del 9 al 16

Del 16 al 23

Del 23 al 30

 720 €

2 weeks

Del 2 al 16

Del 9 al 23

Del 16 al 30

1.385 €

3 weeks

Del 2 al 23

Del 9 al 30

1.690 €

4 weeks

Del 2 al 30

2.150 €


The price includes


  • Participation in the English Skating Stage (mornings)
  • Activities in English with native teachers (afternoons)
  • Full programme of activities with scheduled excursions on Saturdays
  • Accommodation in Residence with full board, in rooms with full bathroom inside the room
  • Weekly laundry (outside contracted service) for enrolled in modalities of two, three and four weeks.
  • 24 hour supervision
  • Film sessions in English at the Congress Hall
  • Accident and liability insurance
  • Icontur Backpack




Reservation and registration


Complete the application form


Transfer the amount of € 250 for reservation / payment on account.


Indicate participant's name and surname


Details of the account to make the payment of the reservation


IBAN ES44 3191 0357 1145 5890 1726