The purpose of this contract is the program enunciated and selected by the student according to the characteristics and benefits published in the Programs of the web page of ICONTUR '2018 (


All application for enrollment must be accompanied by proof of the FIRST PAYMENT on account of the total amount of the Course. This amount will be refunded in case of not being accepted the registration or discounted of the total, constitutes a PAYMENT TO ACCOUNT. Given the limited number of places, applications will be accepted on a strict first-come, first-served basis. The payment will be made by bank transfer to ICONTUR, S. L. in the entity indicated in the chosen Program. The rest of the amount will be paid before the start of the program contracted since otherwise the student will be deemed to have waived and canceled the same.


If the student or his legal representative wishes to cancel this contract, he must address a letter to ICONTUR, S.L. Accepting the following indemnities:


  • If the cancellation occurs before April 30, 100% of the amount paid up to that time will be returned.
  • If the cancellation is made from May 1 to 30 days before departure, the amount given as a reservation will not be refunded.
  • If the cancellation is made between 30 and 15 days before the date of departure, the retention will be 50% of the total price of the program.
  • Cancellation between 14 and 7 days before departure will have a retention of 70% of the total program price.
  • If it occurs 6 days before it will mean the total loss of the amount of the course.
  • The abandonment, once the course has begun by the student, by the will of his parents or legal representatives, or in case of being expelled from the program, will entail the total loss of the amount paid.
  • Once the Airplane or Train ticket has been issued, there is no possibility of any refund for the amount of the ticket.

ICONTUR, S.L. Reserves the right to annul or modify, totally or partially, the program with the obligation to notify in writing immediately the change to the interested party, offering an equivalent program or the refund of the amounts paid.
The cases of annulment or modification are as follows:


• When a minimum number of participants is not reached.
• By chance or force majeure


All prices are subject to change depending on changes in currency at the time of departure, increase in transportation fees, fuel costs and taxes and taxes applicable at the date of edition of the Program.
The prices have been fixed in Date January 2018


It is the responsibility of the student to have the necessary documentation to travel abroad or in Spain, such as valid passport, visa, DNI, paternal authorization, Social Security Document, etc.


All our Programs include personal insurance of the student that covers contingencies in case of illness, accident or death of the participant, being limited the responsibilities to the conditions of the policy contracted with the insurance company.

ICONTUR, S.L. It contracts all its travels with airlines and transport companies or travel agencies and can not be held responsible for delays, accidents, cancellations, strikes, alterations of the route, changes in conditions or tariffs, ...
If any such circumstance occurs, it will help as much as possible to find the most appropriate solution.


ICONTUR, S.L. Is a legally established company with CIF B78225182 that acts solely and exclusively as intermediary of colleges, organizations, institutions, universities, schools, families, individuals, etc.


The student is obliged and must know that life and customs in the countries we offer as a destination in our programs are different from ours, and therefore, must accept the same, adapting to them and not pretend that the meals, classes, Accommodation, displacement, distances, schedules, norms of social and moral conduct, are equal to those of his habitual residence.


Local and national holidays and days that may affect the calendar in each country of destination will be respected as non-academic days, unless otherwise indicated in the call of the Program and Web of Icontur (

In the event that the student, adult or minor, is in a situation of needing medical treatment or hospitalization and / or surgery, and in the specific case of minors and unable to locate the parent / Tutor, ICONTUR, SL Is authorized to take the measures deemed most appropriate for the student's welfare.


The different complaints and / or complaints that, in the opinion of the students or their parents, are observed in the programs should be immediately revealed in the country of destination in order to seek and offer a satisfactory solution as soon as possible. Any claim and / or complaint that has not been communicated during the course will not be considered.


ICONTUR, SL, in case the student has not been satisfied after the complaint and / or complaint made in the country of destination, will deal with claims submitted in writing before the fifteen calendar days from the conclusion of the course, to Be able to immediately claim the school, college or Company that corresponds.


The participating student, as well as his or her parents or guardians (if a minor), undertake to comply with the laws of the country in which they are found and the rules regulated by organizations, schools, ... such as schedules, class attendance, norms Behavior, behavior and habitual coexistence with teachers, peers, family or society in which he lives. In this respect, it should be noted that lack of discipline or behavior can be serious in the country of destination and not in Spain, such as not attending class, non-compliance with schedules, smoking in prohibited places, consumption of beverages Alcoholic, drugs, etc.

Should the participant be expelled for noncompliance, ICONTUR, S.L. Will not be responsible or reimburse any amount running from the account of the student / parent / guardian the expenses originated by the return, as well as the compensation for damages and losses caused to third parties.


It is awarded to ICONTUR, S.L. Permission to use in the future all those photographic or other materials in which the participant appeared, for the promotion or publicity of their programs.


Programs that require a certain level of knowledge of the language, such as academic years, will be the responsibility of the student, parents or guardians, the acceptance of this level, incurring the consequences that otherwise could bring yourself.


In compliance with the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, on the Protection of Personal Data, ICONTUR, S.L. Informs you that your personal data contained in the participation contract will be incorporated into a file, the responsibility and holder of which is ICONTUR, S.L., for the commercial and operational purposes of the same.

ICONTUR, S.L. Reserves the right to terminate this contract if the participant, his / her parent or legal guardian, fails to comply with any of the rules that are the subject of this contract.


In cases of litigation, with express waiver of any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them, they submit to the jurisdiction of the courts and courts of MÓSTOLES (Madrid).


All parties are aware and agree that ICONTUR, S.L. Acts only as an intermediary agent for schools and / or schools in families, etc., where students will develop the programmed activities.


The mere fact of participating in a course organized by ICONTUR, S.L implies the acceptance by the student and his legal representative of these general conditions of which he has been duly informed when contracting the Program.


January 2018